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200th Graduation Celebration

200th Graduation Celebration

It’s graduation season. Every school and college is celebrating those who’ve achieved a major milestone.

On Thursday, June 15, 2017 SCCA Proton Therapy Center celebrated our 200th Graduation Ceremony. This is a weekly event, recognizing people who have completed their treatment journey at the Center, a significant milestone for each of them. Check out our short video below!

On this day, seven graduates from Washington, Oregon and Montana were honored. They were surrounded by family, friends and support teams. Invited also were several previous graduates. In total, 1,456 patients have graduated since the center opened March 9, 2013.

Tucker Rogers, Patient Service Concierge extraordinaire, served as the Master of Ceremonies. It’s a fitting role as he is often times the first smiling face to greet patients and staff every day. Each graduate received a personal Challenge Coin.  This coin displays ferns, symbolizing strength and healing, a beam over the Seattle skyline, which represents the accuracy of proton therapy, their patient number, and the words, ‘believe in the power of healing.’

Rogers emphasized that the work being done at the Proton Center every day is animated by that same belief among the staff, who are just as invested in their outcomes as are their families and friends. The ceremony is meant to evoke the hope for recovery, to acknowledge that this entire process is aimed at the patient’s healing, and to give them a window into a future beyond their treatment. All are now part of an extended community of survivors.

Here are just some of the comments shared by the graduates and their families:

“Thank you for taking care of our matriarch and making her healthy but also taking care of everyone in our family. You remembered all of our names and made us feel welcomed.”

“I was diagnosed with head, neck and throat cancer and I didn’t’ want to see this place. Now, I don’t think bad thoughts about this place. It’s an unpleasant experience but I was always greeted with kindness and empathy. I think happy thoughts about this place today.”

“They don’t sugarcoat it but they leave you with hope.”

One graduate held up a T-Shirt that says Education is important but protons are importanter. “My Grandkids call me Captain Proton.”

“My father always told us as we went out the door, ‘have fun and do good.’ That’s what they do here and it helps us a lot.”

If you want to be inspired, stop by the SCCA Proton Therapy Center any Thursday at 1:30 pm. Be sure to bring Kleenex. 

A short compilation of our 200th Graduation Ceremony.