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3000th Patient Graduation Photo Album

3000th Patient Graduation Photo Album

Last month we celebrated our 3000th proton therapy graduate – childhood cancer patient Ryder. While we like to celebrate milestones like this with a fun party, COVID-19 prevented us from doing so this year. Still, it was important to us to celebrate both this endearing young boy, as well as the staff who work so hard to treat him (and all of our patients). Our graduate, Caroline, who is an accomplished photographer, returned to the Center to take the photos. Ryder is now back at home in Utah and is doing well.

When Ryder exited from his last treatment session, he was showered with balloons and confetti.

The surprise elicited a big smile!

Ryan from our concierge team presented Ryder with his graduation certificate....

... and his unique challenge coin numbered "3000."

The team was gathered to show their support and to celebrate (wearing masks of course). 

Balloons and confetti create a colorful landscape...

And the celebrating began. 

The team posed with Ryder and his parents. 

Delicious treats were available for all. 

Ryder posed with his treatment mask. It's his souvenir to take home.  

Ryder's family had t-shirts made to support Ryder during his cancer treatments. The t-shirts show Ryder's love for baseball.

Posing with his parents, Katie and Monty. 

A final triumph pose before they returned home to Utah.