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Virtual Walkthrough Feature

Virtual Walkthrough Feature

Want to know more about how treatment at the Proton Therapy Center works? We are excited to preview a new feature on our website: a virtual walkthrough of our Center that will allow you to see behind-the-scenes and learn what happens during your cancer treatment. You can find a link to the new walkthrough on our homepage in mid-December at: www.SCCAProtonTherapy.com.

“We all know that the unknown can feel scarier than the actual experience,” says April Clements, patient services manager. “Setting expectations can help ease anxiety for new patients and their families. I’ve talked to siblings of patients who want to know what their sister or brother is doing day after day — they’ll push their faces up against the glass just to get a sense of the space. I’ve also had adults come from out of state while their spouse stayed home to keep the household moving, and several of them have asked to film their own ‘tour’ to share with loved ones.

“All these things made us realize we needed a tool to help people get a better look inside the Center.”

With the walkthrough, you can virtually go through the Center, from the lobby to the treatment rooms, and explore the roles of our staff and stages of treatment at your own pace. It’s easy to share the walkthrough with friends and family, too.

Here are some example pictures of what you can expect to see during the walkthrough:

You can navigate through the center using the arrows at the bottom right of the picture. If you mouse over the circles, a box will expand to tell you what this item will tell you about.

If you click the "learn more" button, a larger box will appear with more detailed information.

Here is an example of another section of the proton therapy center, the treatment hallway. All the items function in the same way as described above.

The goal of the walkthrough is to give you a visual sense of the layout as well as inform you as much as possible about what to expect.