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Men’s Health Week reminds men to be proactive about their health

Men’s Health Week reminds men to be proactive about their health

Each June, the week ending in Father’s Day is designated as International Men’s Health Week. This year, Men’s Health Week is June 13–19. Harvard Health shares some facts about the men’s health gap:

  • Men die younger than women, and they are more burdened by illness during life.
  • Men fall ill at a younger age and have more chronic illnesses than women. For example, men are more than three times more likely than women to develop kidney stones, to become alcoholics or to have bladder cancer.
  • Men are also about twice as likely to suffer from emphysema.

Biological, social and behavioral factors all play a part in why men have higher rates of chronic illness. Men are less proactive about taking care of their health care needs. A Cleveland Clinic survey found that 40 percent of men seek out a doctor only when they experience a serious health issue, and 57 percent prefer to keep their health concerns private. Men’s Health Week highlights these issues and aims to provide the resources men need to take charge of their health.

Early detection of health problems can often make treatment and cure easier. Men’s Health Network offers a helpful checklist to remind men and their families of the importance of screenings and when they should be done.

Some of the most important steps for staying healthy are:

  • Avoiding tobacco and limiting alcohol
  • Eating a healthy diet with whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins
  • Exercising regularly and staying lean
  • Reducing stress

Find more resources to be proactive about your health.