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Proton therapy patients welcome at SCCA’s Survivorship Clinic

Proton therapy patients welcome at SCCA’s Survivorship Clinic

June is National Cancer Survivor Month, and all of our proton therapy patients and graduates have access to SCCA’s Survivorship Clinic at South Lake Union. In 2021, the Proton Therapy Center merged with SCCA, which gave our patients increased access to SCCA’s supportive care services, including the Survivorship Clinic. Learn more about these benefits.

The Survivorship Clinic offers expert assistance to those transitioning from active treatment to day-to-day living as a cancer survivor. Providers will meet with you to create a Survivorship Care Plan, which contains resources and support information tailored to your needs. Survivorship Clinic staff do not provide surveillance for cancer recurrence. Your oncologist will continue to keep watch for this.

During your Survivorship Clinic visit, we will:

  • Explain late and long-term effects of your cancer and treatment
  • Recommend healthy lifestyle behaviors to reduce complications and lower your risk of additional cancers
  • Provide an individualized cancer treatment summary and a Survivorship Care Plan
  • Offer annual follow-ups in the Survivorship Clinic or return you to your primary care provider, depending on your preference and personal situation

A Survivorship Care Plan may include:

  • Support services provided (for example, psychological or nutritional services)
  • Recommended cancer screenings and other periodic testing/examinations, including schedule and providers
  • Specific recommendations for lifestyle changes to promote health
  • Genetic counseling and testing, if applicable

Many other benefits are available. You can find a full list of resources at the Survivorship Clinic.