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The Magic Yarn Project’s Beautiful and Creative Wigs for Girls (and Boys, too!)

The Magic Yarn Project’s Beautiful and Creative Wigs for Girls (and Boys, too!)

We recently received a generous donation of 40 hand-made yarn wigs and beanies for our childhood cancer patients from The Magic Yarn Project! Not only are these wigs comfy, but they also look like delightful characters from movies and comic books!

"Chemotherapy treatments often leave young scalps too sensitive for traditional wigs," explains their website. "Our yarn wigs are comfy, soft, and warm! Magic Yarn wigs and beanies are inspired by beloved storybook characters and invite children back to the world of imagination and daydreaming. They are beacons of fun, laughter, and play during scary times."

Co-founder of The Magic Yarn Project, Holly, is a pediatric oncology nurse whose friend's daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Knowing she would lose her beautiful hair during treatment inspired Holly to create a Rapunzel wig. Not only was her friend's daughter ecstatic, but people who saw her in it also suggested Holly offer a workshop on how to make wigs for other kids. An article written by Babble Media (owned by Disney) went viral and inspired more articles and exposure, and people started sending in money, yarn, and crocheted items. So Holly and her friend Bree started the non-profit in 2015. It has since grown to a large, volunteer-based organization that has donated more than 30,000 wigs and beanies worldwide!

With chapters around the United States, Canada, and Mexico, they are always looking for more volunteers because the demand is great. Their entire organization is based on volunteers and has no paid staff at all. 

"We have a rigorous and diligent process in place for volunteers making beanies and wigs," says Katie Powell, West Coast Leader. "We want to make sure every child receives a perfect wig or beanie, so we go through a process to approve volunteer makers. They send in sample beanies they crocheted, and either are immediately approved or receive feedback to try again. There are even more steps for the wigs." However, there are so many other ways to help.

The Center has some of the most popular wigs available, including Rapunzel and Elsa for girls and Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain America for boys. Several hospitals and organizations such as Ronald McDonald House receive frequent variety packs from The Magic Yarn Project. However, families and caseworkers can also make specific requests through the website. They are usually able to send out the requested wig within a week or two.

Kennedy is showing off her new Elsa wig.

Here is a small selection of the wigs and beanies we received!

And here is a selection of wigs and beanies they offer: Spiderman, Rapunzel, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Before COVID, The Magic Yarn Project hosted workshops to learn how to make wigs. Unfortunately, COVID made this temporarily impossible, but Powell is excited to offer the first one again in October in Redlands, California. Even without the workshops, production did continue.

"This past April, we had a friendly competition between East Coast and West Coast volunteers," says Powell. "Who could make the most beanies? We got 600 beanies in just one month!"

Please check out their website and watch their short video here: https://themagicyarnproject.com/