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Meet our new Patient Services Manager, April Clements

Meet our new Patient Services Manager, April Clements

April joined us in June as our Patient Services Manager. She will work closely with our patients during their time spent with us, orchestrating Center social activities for patients and families, curating resources for our patients such as dining, transportation, lodging, and support groups, and facilitating our Patient Advocate Program. April is a native of Seattle and was even born at Northwest Hospital! However, she has spent a lot of time traveling the world for fun and with school – from Central America to Europe to Asia. “Travel has been important in my life,” says April. “It has helped open and reshape my view of the world.”

She met her husband Emmanuel while traveling in France. He hails from Beynac-et-Cazenac - a small rural village along the Dordogne river with a castle towering over it. In fact, one of her favorite spots in the world is a quaint restaurant called La Petite Tonnelle in that same village, with tables that spill onto the cobblestone street. The couple have fond memories of enjoying a delicious meal and glass of wine outside in the warm summer air, and friends and family stopping by to chat. 


The Clements family at their favorite cafe. 


The castle above Beynac-et-Cazenac.

April loves spending time with her husband and two-year-old son William, especially when it involves new experiences for her son. “Any new food/book/activity/place for William is a favorite for me,” she says. “Our family really values new experiences, but also quality time in whatever its form. Oh, and coffee. Sipping fresh coffee while playing something new with William and Emmanuel on a Saturday morning might be the jackpot.”

April has always had an interest in healthcare. In fact, she wanted to be a doctor for much of her childhood. While in High School, she decided to start taking classes in a Medical Assisting program. But she jumped in and helped her dad with his business and over time took on many different roles. She wanted to get back to something that was truly meaningful to her. One day, she came across the online profile of a beautiful, strong young boy who had cancer.

“The family's openness, strength, and love, amidst the various challenges led me to other children, adults, and families who were up against similar situations,” says April. “Over time I did little things to support them, for example signing up for BeTheMatch, an organization that matches bone marrow donors with recipients. Still, I wanted to do more. Ultimately, I came across the Patient Services Manager listing, and just knew I had to apply and be part of something that really makes a difference in cancer patients' lives.”

April is looking forward to the opportunity to work with our patients, and the chance to support them during treatment.