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Bringing Music to the Center

Bringing Music to the Center

Music Heals isn’t the only time of year that music spreads joy at our center. Many of our graduates have honored us with their own music, especially at our weekly graduation ceremonies. Here are some photos of our patients and staff sharing their music with others and inspiring them to find joy and healing during their cancer journey. If you play an instrument or sing, we encourage you to do so at your graduation, or come back for a visit and honor us with your music at another time. Please contact our concierge team at concierge@seattleprotons.org.

Dale and his friends played the bagpipes at his graduation in 2018.

Fabian played his guitar for us.

And so did Leo! He's got a band called Twisted Roots. 

Brendan plays the violin beautifully.

Pom and Kathy played their many interesting instruments at more than one graduation!

Including this nyckleharpa.

Even the staff is known to join in – like Colton did on his birthday.