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TREATMENT OF EXUDATIVE CIRCUMSCRIBED CHOROIDAL HEMANGIOMA: Efficacy of Fractionated Proton Therapy (20 Gray Relative Biological Effectiveness in 8 Fractions). Mahdjoubi A, Dendale R, Desjardins L, Lemaitre S, Lumbroso-Le Rouic L, Goudjil F, Cassoux N, Levy-Gabriel C Eye Cancers Read Study
Salvage proton beam therapy for recurrent iris melanoma: outcome and side effects Riechardt AI, Klein JP, Cordini D, Heufelder J, Rehak M, Seibel I, Joussen AM Eye Cancers Read Study
Proton Beam Therapy for Iris Melanomas in 107 Patients Thariat J, Rahmi A, Salleron J, Mosci C, Butet B, Maschi C, Lanza F, Lanteri S, Baillif S, Herault J, Mathis T, Caujolle JP Eye Cancers Read Study
Long-term Risk of Melanoma-Related Mortality for Patients With Uveal Melanoma Treated With Proton Beam Therapy Lane AM, Kim IK, Gragoudas ES Eye Cancers Read Study
Proton beam therapy for presumed and confirmed iris melanomas: a review of 36 cases Rahmi A1, Mammar H, Thariat J, Angellier G, Herault J, Chauvel P, Kodjikian L, Denis P, Grange JD. Eye Cancers Read Study
Proton Beam Therapy Leads to Excellent Local Control Rates in Choroidal Melanoma in the Intermediate Fundus Zone Schönfeld S1, Cordini D2, Riechardt AI3, Seibel I3, Willerding G4, Bechrakis NE5, Moser L6, Joussen AM Eye Cancers Read Study
Long-term results after proton beam therapy for retinal papillary capillary hemangioma Seibel I1, Cordini D2, Hager A3, Riechardt AI3, Klein JP3, Heufelder J2, Moser L4, Joussen AM3. Eye Cancers Read Study
Salvage Proton Beam Therapy in Local Recurrent Uveal Melanoma Riechardt AI1, Cordini D2, Dobner B3, Seibel I3, Gundlach E3, Rehak M3, Hager A3, Stark R4, Moser L5, Joussen AM3. Eye Cancers Read Study
Reduced risk of compressive optic neuropathy using orbital radiotherapy in patients with active thyroid eye disease. Shams PN1, Ma R2, Pickles T2, Rootman J1, Dolman PJ3 Eye Cancers Read Study
Results of fractionated targeted proton beam therapy in the treatment of primary optic nerve sheath meningioma Moyal L1, Vignal-Clermont C2, Boissonnet H3, Alapetite C4. Eye Cancers Read Study
Recurrence of iris melanoma after proton beam therapy Sandinha MT1, Kacperek A, Errington RD, Coupland SE, Damato B. Eye Cancers Read Study
Proton therapy for uveal melanoma in 43 juvenile patients: long-term results Petrovic A1, Bergin C2, Schalenbourg A2, Goitein G3, Zografos L Eye Cancers Read Study
Second nonocular tumors among survivors of retinoblastoma treated with contemporary photon and proton radiotherapy Sethi RV, Shih HA, Yeap BY, Mouw KW, Petersen R, Kim DY, Munzenrider JE, Grabowski E, Rodriguez-Galindo C, Yock TI, Tarbell NJ, Marcus KJ, Mukai S, Macdonald SM. Eye Cancers Read Study
Diagnosis and management of optic nerve sheath meningiomas Shapey J, Sabin HI, Danesh-Meyer HV, Kaye AH. Eye Cancers Read Study
Conjunctival melanomas and proton beam therapy Maschi-Cayla C, Doyen J, Gastaud P, Caujolle JP. Eye Cancers Read Study
Proton beam radiotherapy of uveal melanoma Damato B, Kacperek A, Errington D, Heimann H. Eye Cancers Read Study