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Early clinical outcomes using proton radiation for children with central nervous system atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumors. De Amorim Bernstein K, Sethi R, Trofimov A, Zeng C, Fullerton B, Yeap BY, Ebb D, Tarbell NJ, Yock TI, MacDonald SM. Childhood Cancers, Head and Neck Cancers Read Study
Multidisciplinary therapy including proton beam radiotherapy for an Ewing's sarcoma family tumor of maxillary sinus in a 4-year-old girl Yamaoka M, Akiyama M, Yokokawa Y, Terao Y, Yokoi K, Kato T, Fukushima T, Sakurai H, Ida H. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Proton beam therapy for unresectable hepatoblastoma in children: survival in one case Oshiro Y, Okumura T, Mizumoto M, Fukushima T, Ishikawa H, Hashimoto T, Tsuboi K, Kaneko M, Sakurai H. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Clinical controversies: proton therapy for pediatric tumors Merchant TE. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Evaluation of children with craniopharyngioma using carbon-11 methionine PET prior to proton therapy Laser BS, Merchant TE, Indelicato DJ, Hua CH, Shulkin BL, Snyder SE. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Proton therapy in a pediatric patient with stage III Hodgkin lymphoma Holtzman A, Flampouri S, Li Z, Mendenhall NP, Hoppe BS. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Repetitive pediatric anesthesia in a non-hospital setting Buchsbaum JC, McMullen KP, Douglas JG, Jackson JL, Simoneaux RV, Hines M, Bratton J, Kerstiens J, Johnstone PA. Childhood Cancers Read Study
A treatment planning comparison of highly conformal radiation therapy for pediatric low-grade brainstem gliomas Brower JV, Indelicato DJ, Aldana PR, Sandler E, Rotondo R, Mendenhall NP, Marcus RB, Su Z. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Pseudoprogression after proton beam irradiation for a choroid plexus carcinoma in pediatric patient: MRI and PET imaging patterns. Korchi AM, Garibotto V, Ansari M, Merlini L. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Comparison of risk of radiogenic second cancer following photon and proton craniospinal irradiation for a pediatric medulloblastoma patient Zhang R, Howell RM, Giebeler A, Taddei PJ, Mahajan A, Newhauser WD. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Localized Ewing sarcoma of the spine: a preliminary dose-escalation study comparing innovative radiation techniques in a single patient Vogin G, Biston MC, Marchesi V, Amessis M, De Marzi L, Lacroix F, Leroy A, Gassa F, Zefkili S, Helfre S. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Pediatric papillary tumors of the pineal region: to observe or to treat following gross total resect Abela L, Rushing EJ, Ares C, Scheer I, Bozinov O, Boltshauser E, Grotzer MA. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Proton radiotherapy for pediatric central nervous system ependymoma: clinical outcomes for 70 patients Macdonald SM, Sethi R, Lavally B, Yeap BY, Marcus KJ, Caruso P, Pulsifer M, Huang M, Ebb D, Tarbell NJ, Yock TI. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Radiotherapy for rhabdomyosarcoma: indications and outcome Terezakis SA, Wharam MD. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Can treatment of pediatric Hodgkin's lymphoma be improved by PET imaging and proton therapy? Knäusl B, Lütgendorf-Caucig C, Hopfgartner J, Dieckmann K, Kurch L, Pelz T, Pötter R, Georg D. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Photons or protons for non-central nervous system solid malignancies in children Daw NC, Mahajan A. Childhood Cancers, Sarcoma Cancer Read Study