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Secondary neutron doses received by paediatric patients during intracranial proton therapy treatments Sayah R1, Farah J, Donadille L, Hérault J, Delacroix S, De Marzi L, De Oliveira A, Vabre I, Stichelbaut F, Lee C, Bolch WE, Clairand I. Childhood Cancers Read Study
The risk of radiation-induced second cancers in the high to medium dose region: a comparison between passive and scanned proton therapy, IMRT and VMAT for pediatric patients with brain tumors Moteabbed M1, Yock TI, Paganetti H. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Optimizing the radiation therapy dose prescription for pediatric medulloblastoma: minimizing the life years lost attributable to failure to control the disease and late complication risk Brodin NP1, Vogelius IR, Björk-Eriksson T, Munck Af Rosenschöld P, Maraldo MV, Aznar MC, Specht L, Bentzen SM. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Hippocampal sparing radiotherapy for pediatric medulloblastoma: impact of treatment margins and treatment technique Brodin NP1, Munck af Rosenschöld P, Blomstrand M, Kiil-Berthlesen A, Hollensen C, Vogelius IR, Lannering B, Bentzen SM, Björk-Eriksson T. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Proton therapy for the treatment of children with CNS malignancies Sreeraman R1, Indelicato DJ Childhood Cancers Read Study
Anaesthetic techniques for unique cancer surgery procedures Arunkumar R, Rebello E, Owusu-Agyemang P. Childhood Cancers, Proton Therapy Papers Read Study
Definitive treatment of leptomeningeal spinal metastases in children Ray GL, Buchsbaum JC, McMullen KP, Simoneaux RV, Hines M, Douglas JG, Johnstone PA. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Cost-effectiveness analysis of cochlear dose reduction by proton beam therapy for medulloblastoma in childhood Hirano E, Fuji H, Onoe T, Kumar V, Shirato H, Kawabuchi K. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Pediatric CSI: are protons the only ethical approach? Johnstone PA, McMullen KP, Buchsbaum JC, Douglas JG, Helft P. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Acute toxicity of proton beam radiation for pediatric central nervous system malignancies. Suneja G, Poorvu PD, Hill-Kayser C, Lustig RA. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Proton radiation therapy for pediatric medulloblastoma and supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumors: outcomes for very young children treated with upfront chemotherapy Jimenez RB, Sethi R, Depauw N, Pulsifer MB, Adams J, McBride SM, Ebb D, Fullerton BC, Tarbell NJ, Yock TI, Macdonald SM. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Outpatient management of vascular access devices in children receiving radiotherapy: Complications and morbidity Bratton J, Johnstone PA, McMullen KP. Childhood Cancers, Proton Therapy Papers Read Study
Predicted risks of radiogenic cardiac toxicity in two pediatric patients undergoing photon or proton radiotherapy Zhang R, Howell RM, Homann K, Giebeler A, Taddei PJ, Mahajan A, Newhauser WD. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Spot-scanning proton radiation therapy for pediatric chordoma and chondrosarcoma: clinical outcome of 26 patients treated at paul scherrer institute Rombi B, Ares C, Hug EB, Schneider R, Goitein G, Staab A, Albertini F, Bolsi A, Lomax AJ, Timmermann B. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Standard fractionation low-dose proton radiotherapy for diffuse choroidal hemangiomas in pediatric Sturge-Weber syndrome Yonekawa Y, MacDonald SM, Shildkrot Y, Mukai S. Childhood Cancers Read Study
Clinical results of proton beam therapy for advanced neuroblastoma Oshiro Y, Mizumoto M, Okumura T, Sugahara S, Fukushima T, Ishikawa H, Nakao T, Hashimoto T, Tsuboi K, Ohkawa H, Kaneko M, Sakurai H. Childhood Cancers Read Study