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Phase II Study of Proton Beam Radiation Therapy for Patients With Breast Cancer Requiring Regional Nodal Irradiation. Jimenez RB, Hickey S, DePauw N, Yeap BY, et. al. Breast Cancer Read Study
Early outcomes of breast cancer patients treated with post-mastectomy uniform scanning proton therapy Luo L, Cuaron J, Braunstein L, Gillespie E, Kahn A, McCormick B, Mah D, Chon B, Tsai H, Powell S, Cahlon O Breast Cancer Read Study
Novel Radiotherapy Techniques for Breast Cancer Bradley JA, Mendenhall NP Breast Cancer Read Study
Proton therapy for locally advanced breast cancer: A systematic review of the literature Kammerer E1, Guevelou JL2, Chaikh A3, Danhier S4, Geffrelot J5, Levy C6, Saloux E7, Habrand JL8, Thariat J9. Breast Cancer Read Study
Field-Specific Intensity-modulated Proton Therapy Optimization Technique for Breast Cancer Patients with Tissue Expanders Containing Metal Ports Kirk M, Freedman G, Ostrander T, Dong L Breast Cancer Read Study
Risk of ischemic heart disease in women after radiotherapy for breast cancer Darby SC, Ewertz M, McGale P, et. al. Breast Cancer Read Study
Partial Breast Radiation Therapy With Proton Beam: 5-Year Results With Cosmetic Outcomes Bush DA1, Do S2, Lum S3, Garberoglio C3, Mirshahidi H4, Patyal B2, Grove R2, Slater JD2. Breast Cancer Read Study
Long-Term Cosmetic Outcomes and Toxicities of Proton Beam Therapy Compared With Photon-Based 3-Dimensional Conformal Accelerated Partial-Breast Irradiation: A Phase 1 Trial Galland-Girodet S1, Pashtan I1, MacDonald SM1, Ancukiewicz M1, Hirsch AE2, Kachnic LA2, Specht M3, Gadd M3, Smith BL3, Powell SN1, Recht A4, Taghian AG5. Breast Cancer Read Study
Accelerated partial-breast irradiation using intensity-modulated proton radiotherapy: do uncertainties outweigh potential benefits? Wang X, Zhang X, Li X, Amos RA, Shaitelman SF, Hoffman K, Howell R, Salehpour M, Zhang SX, Sun TL, Smith B, Tereffe W, Perkins GH, Buchholz TA, Strom EA, Woodward WA. Breast Cancer Read Study
Breast cancer screening for childhood cancer survivors after craniospinal irradiation with protons versus x-rays: a dosimetric analysis and review of the literature. Kumar RJ, Zhai H, Both S, Tochner Z, Lustig R, Hill-Kayser C. Breast Cancer Read Study
Proton therapy for breast cancer after mastectomy: early outcomes of a prospective clinical trial MacDonald SM, Patel SA, Hickey S, Specht M, Isakoff SJ, Gadd M, Smith BL, Yeap BY, Adams J, Delaney TF, Kooy H, Lu HM, Taghian AG. Breast Cancer Read Study
Accelerated partial-breast irradiation: the current state of our knowledge. Shaitelman SF, Kim LH. Breast Cancer Read Study
Can proton therapy improve the therapeutic ratio in breast cancer patients at risk for nodal disease? Xu N, Ho MW, Li Z, Morris CG, Mendenhall NP. Breast Cancer Read Study
Distribution of coronary artery stenosis after radiation for breast cancer Nilsson G, Holmberg L, Garmo H, Duvernoy O, Sjögren I, Lagerqvist B, Blomqvist C. Breast Cancer Read Study
External-beam accelerated partial breast irradiation using multiple proton beam configurations Wang X, Amos RA, Zhang X, Taddei PJ, Woodward WA, Hoffman KE, Yu TK, Tereffe W, Oh J, Perkins GH, Salehpour M, Zhang SX, Sun TL, Gillin M, Buchholz TA, Strom EA. Breast Cancer Read Study
Postoperative proton radiotherapy for localized and locoregional breast cancer: potential for clinically relevant improvements? Ares C, Khan S, Macartain AM, Heuberger J, Goitein G, Gruber G, Lutters G, Hug EB, Bodis S, Lomax AJ. Breast Cancer Read Study