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Long-term outcomes of proton therapy for prostate cancer in Japan: a multi-institutional survey of the Japanese Radiation Oncology Study Group Iwata H, Ishikawa H, Takagi M, Okimoto T, Murayama S, Akimoto T, Wada H, Arimura T, Sato Y, Araya M, Mizoe JE, Gosho M, Nakamura K, Shirato H, Sakurai H Prostate and GU Cancers Read Study
Minimal toxicity after proton beam therapy for prostate and pelvic nodal irradiation: results from the proton collaborative group REG001-09 trial Chuong MD, Hartsell W, Larson G, Tsai H, Laramore GE, Rossi CJ, Wilkinson JB, Kaiser A, Vargas C Prostate and GU Cancers Read Study
Comparing photon and proton-based hypofractioned SBRT for prostate cancer accounting for robustness and realistic treatment deliverability Goddard LC, Brodin NP, Bodner WR, Garg MK, Tomé WA Prostate and GU Cancers Read Study
Photons, protons or carbon ions for stage I non-small cell lung cancer - Results of the multicentric ROCOCO in silico study Wink KCJ, Roelofs E, Simone CB, Dechambre D, Santiago A, van der Stoep J, Dries W, Smits J, Avery S, Ammazzalorso F, Jansen N, Jelen U, Solberg T, de Ruysscher D, Troost EGC Lung and Thoracic Cancers Read Study
Comparative analysis for renal stereotactic body radiotherapy using Cyberknife, VMAT and proton therapy based treatment planning Baydoun A, Vapiwala N, Ponsky LE, Awan M, Kassaee A, Sutton D, Podder TK, Zhang Y, Dobbins D, Muzic RF Jr., Traughber B, Machtay M, Ellis R Gastrointestinal Cancers Read Study
Outcomes of Patients With Primary Sacral Chordoma Treated With Definitive Proton Beam Therapy Aibe N, Demizu Y, Sulaiman NS, Matsuo Y, Mima M, Nagano F, Terashima K, Tokumaru S, Hayakawa T, Suga M, Daimon T, Suzuki G, Hideya Y, Yamada K, Sasaki R, Fuwa N, Okimoto T Sarcoma Cancer Read Study
Radiation Necrosis and White Matter Lesions in Pediatric Patients With Brain Tumors Treated With Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Therapy Bojaxhiu B, Ahlhelm F, Walser M, Placidi L, Kliebsch U, Mikroutsikos L, Morach P, Bolsi A, Lomax T, Pica A, Weber DC Childhood Cancers Read Study
Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Particle Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer Ng SP, Herman JM Gastrointestinal Cancers Read Study
Comparative Toxicities and Cost of Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy, Proton Radiation, and Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Among Younger Men With Prostate Cancer Pan HY, Jiang J, Hoffman KE, Tang C, Choi SL, Nguyen QN, Frank SJ, Anscher MS, Shih YT, Smith BD Prostate and GU Cancers Read Study
Effects of organ motion on proton prostate treatments, as determined from analysis of daily CT imaging for patient positioning Maeda Y, Sato Y, Shibata S, Bou S, Yamamoto K, Tamamura H, Fuwa N, Takamatsu S, Sasaki M, Tameshige Y, Kume K, Minami H, Saga Y, Saito M Prostate and GU Cancers Read Study
Clinical outcome after particle therapy for meningiomas of the skull base: toxicity and local control in patients treated with active rasterscanning El Shafie RA, Czech M, Kessel KA, Habermehl D, Weber D, Rieken S, Bougatf N, Jäkel O, Debus J, Combs SE Brain, CNS, and Spinal Cancers Read Study
Initial clinical outcomes of proton beam radiotherapy for hepatocellular carcinoma Yu JI, Yoo GS, Cho S, Jung SH, Han Y, Park S, Lee B, Kang W, Sinn DH, Paik YH, Gwak GY, Choi MS, Lee JH, Koh KC, Paik SW, Park HC Gastrointestinal Cancers Read Study
Proton beam therapy for the management of mediastinal Hodgkin lymphoma in a young female patient Meyer E, Goudjil F, Tamburini J, Dendale R, Kirova Y Lymphoma Cancers Read Study
Multimodality Therapy Including Proton Beam Therapy for AFP Producing Esophageal Cancer with Multiple Liver Metastases Miyazaki T, Sohda M, Sakai M, Kumakura Y, Yoshida T, Kuriyama K, Yokobori T, Miyazaki M, Hirato J, Okumura T, Ishikawa H, Sakurai H, Kuwano H Gastrointestinal Cancers Read Study
Preliminary results of proton radiotherapy for pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma: a multi-institutional study in Japan Mizumoto M, Murayama S, Akimoto T, Demizu Y, Fukushima T, Ishida Y, Oshiro Y, Numajiri H, Fuji H, Okumura T, Shirato H, Sakurai H Childhood Cancers Read Study
Recovery from sublethal damage and potentially lethal damage : Proton beam irradiation vs. X‑ray irradiation Hashimoto S, Sugie C, Iwata H, Ogino H, Omachi C, Yasui K, Mizoe JE, Shibamoto Y Proton Therapy Papers Read Study