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SCCA Proton Therapy is a cancer treatment center that uses precisely targeted proton radiation to treat cancer. Tradtional radiation therapy is done with X-rays, i.e., photon radiation. Proton therapy is an advanced form of radiation treatment that allows doctors to focus radiation directly into the tumor, while minimizing radiation to surrounding healthy tissue, reducing the risk of side effects.

Proton therapy is beneficial in treating a broad range of tumors, including those of the brain, central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, head and neck, breast, lung, and prostate, as well as sarcomas and certain pediatric cancers.

Candidates for Proton Therapy

SCCA Proton Therapy unites top physician experts in cancer from UW Medicine and Seattle Children’s. It’s located on UW Medicine's Northwest Hospital & Medical Center campus and is the only proton therapy center in a seven-state region.

SCCA Proton Therapy offers pencil beam scanning (PBS) in the gantry and the fixed-beam room to offer further precision in proton treatment. PBS can:

  • Deliver dose more precisely into the tumor
  • Allow higher dose to get to the tumor – and because of its effective delivery, this is often a lower integral dose
  • Improve 3-D conformity drastically reducing damage to surrounding healthy tissue and organs
  • Benefits of greatly reduced toxicity:
    • Reduces side effects
    • Allows for more re-treatment options
    • Reduces chances for secondary malignancies in pediatric patients
    • May be used more readily as a combined modality with chemotherapy 

Exceptional patient care. A healing environment.

At SCCA Proton Therapy, we are committed to helping our patients continue to live healthy, fulfilling lives both during and post-treatment. Our Center delivers personalized, comprehensive patient care, using the most advanced technology available.

Your patient’s treatment at SCCA Proton Therapy is provided by a dedicated, personal Care Team that includes a radiation oncologist, a nurse, medical physicists, dosimetrists and radiation therapists. We also have an extended Care Team that works behind the scenes to ensure exceptional patient care.

  • Four treatment rooms – two inclined beam rooms, a fixed beam room, and a gantry room
  • Pencil beam scanning
  • Image guidance technology in treatment rooms to provide accurate treatment positioning
  • A robotic patient-positioning system to optimize accuracy and workflow of patient treatment
  • Seamless, integrated cancer care

SCCA Proton Therapy’s compassionate, multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment ensures that patients receive continuous, integrated care and support. Our partner, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, also provides innovative, post-treatment wellness programs to guide patients and their families through the recovery journey.

Patients receiving treatment for cancer may need additional medical care in conjunction with or in place of proton therapy. Our Care Team will keep the referring physician updated as to the course of treatment. The patient may obtain additional medical services through SCCA. SCCA offers the full spectrum of cancer care services, including cancer screenings, diagnostic services, chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, and clinical trials.

Children receiving proton therapy will get special care and support from our partner, Seattle Children’s. Seattle Children’s is one of the nation’s top pediatric cancer programs. Pediatric radiation oncologists, along with an entire team of experts from Children’s, will work together to lead the treatment plan for the child.

Patient Services at the Center provides patients and families with additional support, such as connecting them with other patients and help in finding housing and other services.

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Refer A Patient

Do you have a patient who you think would be an excellent candidate for proton therapy treatment? Please call our Center at (888) 987-7782, email us or fill out our electronic referral form on the Find Out More page. You can also download and fax a form to (206) 374-2645. If your patient is a good candidate for proton therapy, our Care Team will make sure you stay informed about your patient's treatment and follow-up. We will let you know if your patient is not a good candidate for proton therapy and will gladly work with you to find other treatment options.