Proton Therapy
for Ocular Melanoma

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Treat the tumor. Spare the eye.

Proton therapy is an advanced treatment option that precisely delivers radiation to the exact specifications of your ocular tumor. This allows your doctor to address the tumor without the drastic measure of removing the eye, and with less damage to the cornea, lens, retina, fovea and optic nerve than other treatment options.

The power of precision.

Proton therapy is widely regarded as the standard of care for ocular melanomas—studies show that patients treated with protons have long-term survival rates equal to that of patients who have had the eye removed or have had brachytherapy. Proton therapy works by delivering proton radiation precisely to the tumor, with none of the exit dosage characteristic of traditional X-ray radiation.

Proton therapy takes advantage of a unique characteristic of protons—they deliver their maximum dose of radiation, known as the Bragg Peak, right before they come to a stop. That’s how the damage is concentrated on the cancer, protecting healthy tissue.

Depending on the details of your tumor, the precision of proton therapy could help preserve your eye, cornea, lens, retina, fovea and optic nerve, potentially offering a faster recovery, and fewer short- and long-term side effects.

If you’ve been diagnosed with ocular melanoma, the radiation oncology specialists at SCCA Proton Therapy Center Will partner with your eye specialist to develop a personalized treatment plan.


Ocular melanomas are the most common type of eye tumors, historically treated by removing the eye.

Proton therapy is the gold standard for ocular melanoma treatment, offering comparable long-term survival rates to eye removal and brachytherapy, with less impact on the eye.

Pencil-beam scanning allows treatment to conform the dimensions of your specific tumor, accurate within millimeters.

Appointments typically take between 15-60 minutes, meaning no overnight stays and minimal interruption of your routine.

As of 2017, more than 130,000 people worldwide have received proton therapy at centers in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Proton therapy is often the only radiation treatment available if you’ve already received radiation for a previous cancer occurrence.

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We’re the only provider of proton therapy in our region, and we take that responsibility seriously.

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