What is Proton Therapy
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Support After Treatment

Support After Treatment

Our Commitment To Your Care Never Ends.

We’re dedicated to you while you’re here and after you leave. Follow-up care is extremely important. Your Care Team will remain in contact with you and your referring physician after you've completed treatment. We focus on giving you what you need to return to a normal life as quickly as possible.

Completing therapy: an important milestone

During the last week of your therapy, the treatment team will honor you and celebrate the completion of your proton therapy. It is a special time for patients and their loved ones to exchange experiences and thank the friends they’ve met along the way.

We have financial counselors ready to guide you through the financial process. Proton therapy is covered by many private insurance plans, Medicare, and many state Medicaid programs. The cost of proton therapy varies according to the diagnosis and the extent of treatment needed.