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In-Person Consultation

In-Person Consultation

One Team, One Shared Goal: Helping You Beat Cancer

Our process is designed around minimizing your stress and preparing you for what’s to come. At your in-person consultation, you will meet with your doctor and nurse to discuss your treatment plan. The nurse assigned to you will be a member of your Care Team. Your Care Team also includes your radiation therapists. This team of individuals will stay with you throughout your entire course of treatment and remain involved during your follow-up care. Having the same team of individuals throughout therapy ensures consistency of care.

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Treatment planning

After you’ve had your consultation and any additional tests you may need, you will be scheduled to come to the center for a computed tomography simulation (CT) scan. You can expect your appointment to take up to two hours, including preparation time. Your nurse will also use this time to educate you about the treatment process. The CT images are used by your medical team to create a personalized treatment plan specifically for you. The treatment plan will provide important details, including the exact dose of protons you need to target your tumor with precision.

Scheduling your therapy sessions

Once your personal treatment plan is complete, a radiation therapist from your Care Team will contact you. He or she will tell you how many treatments your doctor has prescribed and schedule your first appointment for proton therapy. Most patients are scheduled for therapy five days a week, excluding weekends and holidays, for a period of four to eight weeks. Your schedule will depend on your diagnosis and the best approach to deliver proton therapy for your precise needs.

Clinical trials at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Proton Therapy

Since proton therapy was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat patients in 1988, the medical community has continued to conduct research on the use of protons in treating different types of cancer through clinical trials. Over the years, many patients have volunteered to take part in these clinical trials to help find improvements in fighting cancer with proton therapy.

As a provider of proton therapy, SCCA is always looking for ways to improve the lives of patients with cancer. SCCA is currently participating in two clinical trials:

  1. A Phase III randomized trial comparing the effects of standard radiation dose and a higher daily dose of proton radiation in patients with low-risk prostate cancer. In this trial, patients who receive standard dose of radiation will receive a total of 44 treatments over 8½-9 weeks, and patients who receive high dose of radiation will receive a total of 5 treatments over 1-2 weeks. Please note that patients who participate in this trial will not be able to choose which treatment to receive.
  2. An evaluation-tracking project that collects and analyzes information from patients who have been treated with proton therapy.

Please ask your doctor during the in-person consultation for more information if you are interested in either trial. For general information on clinical trials, please click here.

After your consultation and any additional tests, we will schedule you for a computed tomography  (CT) scan at the Center. We use these images to create a treatment plan specifically for you, with details on the exact dose of protons you need precisely targeted to your tumor.