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Proton therapy is covered by some private insurance plans, Medicare, and some state Medicaid programs. The Proton Therapy Center provides each patient with a Patient Navigator who is able to help with understanding insurance coverage, estimated costs associated with treatment, and assist in finding alternative financial solutions for individuals without insurance coverage.

Financial assistance is available to those who reside within Washington State, and who fall below certain income thresholds. Your Patient Navigator can help you determine if you might qualify and assist with the completion of applications.

Other considerations to be aware of:

  • Pre-Authorization may be required by your insurance plan.
  • Private insurance coverage depends on the health insurance carrier and the benefits covered under a patient’s plan.
  • Before starting treatment, your Patient Navigator will provide you with an estimated out of pocket cost for your treatment.

Our Patient Navigators will assist you in understanding your insurance coverage, coordinating insurance payments, and finding alternative means of financing. To contact one of our Patient Navigators, please call 206-306-2800.


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