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Care Teams

Care Teams

It’s About Beating Cancer Today. And Every Day After That.

Expect exceptional patient care at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Proton Therapy Center. Here, you will experience the precision of proton therapy in a healing environment. Our dedicated team will look after your needs and concerns, as well as your loved ones, from first contact with the Center through follow-up care after your treatments are done. We are available to you and your doctors when you need us.

Your Care Team is committed to continuously improving and raising the standard of care at the Center. We will help you with your medical needs and assist you as you prepare for your daily treatment session:

Care Team Nurse will provide day-to-day care and help coordinate any additional medical services you might need during your proton treatment, including: arranging for blood tests, scans, medical appointments or other services you need. Your Clinical Nurse is a registered nurse with experience in radiation therapy.

Treatment Team Assistants will greet you when you arrive at the Center and help you prepare for your treatment session.

Radiation Therapists will ensure you are positioned comfortably and aligned correctly. They will deliver your daily treatment and will remain close by while you receive therapy.

Your Radiation Oncologist is your doctor and will meet with you once a week to review your progress and discuss any questions or concerns you may have. The radiation oncologists who provide clinical care at the SCCA Proton Therapy Center are all members of the University of Washington Physician Group and hold faculty positions within the UW school of medicine. You can find detailed information on our Radiation Oncologists in the Doctors section of this site.

Your Care Team is dedicated to your ongoing care and will remain in contact with you and your primary physician after you’ve completed treatment.

In addition to your personal Care Team, there are many others on staff to support you during your time at the Center:

Patient Navigators coordinate the exchange of records, collect information for evaluating your individual case, and schedule your consultation. They also assist you with insurance, Medicare or Medicaid coverage, and coordinate payment and cost management.

Childlife Services focuses on the emotional support of children in treatment. The childlife specialist will help prepare the patient before and provide support during and after procedures and treatment.

Patient Services Team greets you and your loved ones when you come to the Center and can help answer questions and address your non-medical needs. They help you with your special personal needs. For patients traveling to Seattle for treatment, our Concierge Team can assist with transportation, lodging, and services in the area. They will also plan and coordinate special educational and social programs to enhance your stay.

Treatment Schedulers coordinate your CT Simulation appointment, treatment schedule, and weekly visits with your radiation oncologist.

Medical Physicists assure the safe and effective delivery of radiation by monitoring the equipment and procedures used in therapy. They run patient-specific checks on the plan created especially for your treatment to be sure you receive the correct dose of protons targeted precisely to your tumor.

Medical Dosimetrists collaborate with your doctor to prepare a treatment plan specific to you. They calculate the angles and doses of proton energy required to treat your tumor, while ensuring your healthy tissue is exposed to as little radiation as possible. They will work closely with the radiation therapists throughout your course of treatment.

Machinists create custom treatment devices that are used for certain patients.

Engineers monitor and ensure the system and equipment output is precise.

Administration Staff provides management of office and business functions and helps manage your insurance claims.

Facilities Staff maintains the building and ensures it is clean and safe for our patients.

We want to make the process of getting treatment as easy as possible. A physician review board will evaluate your case and determine if you can benefit from proton therapy.

Meet Our Specialists

Meet Our Specialists

With specializations in brain, head and neck, breast, lung, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, prostate and pediatric cancers, our physicians have the expertise to provide the highest level of medical care to patients.