What is Proton Therapy
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Care Teams

The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Proton Therapy Center Care Team is committed to continuously improving and raising the standard of care at the Center. We will help you with your medical needs and assist you as you prepare for your daily treatment session.

Medical Review Process

We want to make the process of getting treatment as easy as possible. A physician review board will evaluate your case and determine if you can benefit from proton therapy.

Simulation and Planning

After your consultation and any additional tests, we will schedule you for a computed tomography  (CT) scan at the Center. We use these images to create a treatment plan specifically for you, with details on the exact dose of protons you need precisely targeted to your tumor. 

Receiving Treatment

Most patients have therapy five days a week (excluding weekends and holidays) for 4 to 9 weeks, depending on the total number needed. Occasionally your doctor may order additional treatments or breaks in your regular treatment schedule. If you are traveling to Seattle for treatment, our staff can assist.

Support After Treatment

At Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Proton Therapy Center, we’re dedicated to you while you’re here and after you leave. Follow-up care is extremely important. Your Care Team will remain in contact with you and your referring physician after you've completed treatment.

Costs and Coverage

Proton therapy is covered by some private insurance plans, Medicare, and some state Medicaid programs. The Center provides each patient with a Financial Coordinator to help navigate insurance coverage, estimated costs associated with treatment, and assist in finding alternative financial solutions for individuals without insurance coverage.